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Independent Qualified RPEQ Audits

RPEQ stands for Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland. It is an engineering certification which recognises the competence and qualifications of a skilled engineer.

As an RPEQ Engineer, Power-Lec's RPEQ third party auditing of electrical designs ensures:

  • An independent appraisal of project risk accompanied by technical recommendations.
  • All systems are modelled using state of the art electrical design software.
  • Full compliance with current Australian Standards and best Fit for Purpose solutions based on industry best practice methodology.

Electrical Drawings & Designs - Sign Off & Certification

Power-Lec can provide the following engineering services specifically related to Electrical Drawings and Designs:

  • AutoCAD drawings of the Site P&ID.
  • Supply of AutoCAD drawings and assistance with new and modified drawings.
  • Assistance with electrical commissioning and review of the contractor's as built electrical drawings.
  • Certification of Electrical Drawings and Designs.
  • Updating project AutoCAD files and closeout signing.

Energy Efficiency and Optimisation of Plant Processes

The world is becoming more aware of how natural resources are slowly depleting. Little by little individuals as well as bigger corporations are making a decision to "Go Green" and be more efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Let Power-Lec Consulting assist with an Energy Audit to provide advice on improving your plant's Energy Efficiency and the resulting energy cost reduction.


Energy Efficiency Services covering:

  • Site Energy Audits.
  • Energy Data Management - Monitoring, Visualization and Reporting.
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Power System Studies

A Power System Study is made up of various engineering analysis investigations to optimize power system performance, while at the same time ensuring an acceptable degree of security and reliability. The goal of each is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for your facility under both normal and abnormal conditions.

Services provided by Power-Lec include:

  • Load Flow Analysis determining maximum and minimum demand.
  • Site Maximum Demand Calculations.
  • Short Circuit Analysis producing three phase and single-phase prospective fault calculations.
  • Power System Studies and Circuit Breaker Setting recommendations. Determining optimum Circuit Breaker Settings.
  • Power Cable Calculations confirming the cables sizing based on continuous current capacity, voltage drop, short circuit protection and earth fault impedance.
power system studies

Arc Flash Studies to IEEE 1584 - 2018

Power-Lec can undertake an arc flash study or evaluation of your workplace facility to determine hazards and risks in relation to electrical systems. The on-site study results in arc flash equipment labeling, fault current and coordination analysis, recommendations for improvements and requirements for proper personal protective equipment (PPE). A review and analysis of the facilities written electrical safety program can also be included.

Power-Lec uses Arc Flash Studies to IEEE 1584 - 2018 including the requirements of NFPA 70E 2018 standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Signage details for Arc Flash and Electrical Safety to meet the current Australian Standards is also available.

arch flash studies

Electrical Engineering and Project Management Services

Project Planning Electrical Services include:

  • Electrical Scoping of the works to meet the site specifications.
  • Pre-tender meetings with contractors to assist with technical questions.
  • AutoCAD drawings of the Site P&ID.
  • Electrical checks of Arc Flash and Earth Fault Impedance when requested for a project.
  • Co-ordinate Hazardous Area documentation.
  • Supply of UW AutoCAD drawings and assistance with new and modified drawings.
  • Comment and Signing of Electrical Test Plans and test sheets.
  • Assistance with electrical commissioning and review of the contractor's as built electrical drawings.
  • Updating project files and closeout signing.
project management services

Greg Bott is a professional Electrical Power Engineer with over 35 years Australian and international experience in engineering and senior management roles across a wide rage of industries - mining, heavy industries and the water utilities sectors.

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