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Electrical Engineering, Design and Project Management


Greg Bott, owner and Director of Power-Lec Consulting can provide a complete range of electrical engineering services including:

RPEQ Certification of Electrical Designs

Electrical Engineering

Project Management Services

Control System Design

Siemens and Allan Bradley PLC Programming

Switchboard Designs, Stand Alone Solar Designs and Hazardous Area Designs


B Eng (Elect) 1974 to 1978 QUT

Graduate Diploma in Automatic Control 1979 to 1981 QUT

Associate Diploma in Business Management (majoring in Information Technology)

Chartered Professional Eng 296817, WHSO RPEQ 10036

Hazardous Area Certified Engineer

Clean Energy Council Certified Solar Designer Grid Connect and Stand Alone Systems

Justice of the Peace (JP Certified)

Coal Medical, RRTO Induction – Standard 11 – Surface Operations

BMA Bridging Course


Greg Bott B Eng (Elect) has over 35 years of Australian and international experience in Engineering and Senior Management roles across a wide range of industries. For the past five years he has worked at Unitywater in the Operations Section specialising in Energy Optimization. Greg received a Board Award in 2015 for his efforts.

During his time at Unitywater he has introduced a number of novel ways of improving the performance of  existing assets as well as introducing the idea of Specific Energy Consumption as a measure of asset efficiency.

Prior to this Unitywater work, Greg founded and operated an Electrical Engineering Company, MPA Engineering. Since its inception in 1990 the company, under Greg’s management, grew extensively from a startup venture to a major engineering house covering the Australian Eastern Sea Board, as well as South East Asia. Today, MPA Engineering has offices in Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne and Thailand.

Greg sold the business to its current owners in 2007 and continued in a Managerial role until 2014 when he accepted an offer to work at Unitywater on the Sunshine Coast.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the Queensland University of Technology, a Graduate Diploma in Automated Control Systems as well as an Associate Diploma in Information Technology and Business Management. Greg is a Hazardous Area Certified Engineer and also is a RPEQ Engineer.

From development to operations, Greg is able to provide an in-depth view of strategic drivers and his thorough understanding of Water, Sewerage, Mining, Oil and Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and Power sectors provides him with the expertise to develop strong project delivery solutions, project management effectiveness and the full implementation of project delivery strategies across these core markets.

With over 35 years of industrial engineering experience, Greg offers a comprehensive range of sometimes hard to find Electrical Engineering services. If you or your firm needs assistance with any specialised services, contact Power-Lec today.


  • Unity Water - Arc Flash Analysis, Optimisation of plant processes and Electrical Engineering Design
  • BMA - Design and produce work packages for HV and LV system modifications
  • Townsville City Council - Project Manager for the Northern Project and Douglas Water Treatment Plant
  • Clermont Coal Raw Water Plant Upgrade
  • Mungullah Power Station Carnavon Western Australia - RPEQ Electrical Design Audit Checking
  • Origin Energy - Electrical oversee for Gas Turbines installation
  • Shell Fiji - Electrical Audit for all major petroleum installations in Fiji
  • Western Biscuits Electrical Plant Upgrade
  • Arrow Energy - RPEQ sign off Engineer
  • Minproc Engineers - PLC Programmer and Electrical Designer
  • Shell Australia - Electrical Audit Fiji
  • Brisbane City Council Gibson Island Upgrade


Unity Water

Whelan Electrical

Munster Mechanical

BRS Electrical